Meet Our Team

Kadene has led an impressive career that fuses sales & marketing, event & operations management, and psychology in her more than twenty successful years working in the media industry. She thrives on creating something out of nothing, with a focus on ensuring value for every stakeholder
[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Her work is so impactful that after leaving a former company after working there for more than eleven years, she was asked to return in a contracted capacity to manage the Group’s mainannual event. The new company she had just begun working with, valuing her, agreed for her to take up the offer to manage said event, while maintaining her new role as Operations Manager for their startup! She is known for delivering more than expected. Helping others has always been high on Kadene’s agenda, leading her to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology. A deeply held belief that she has, is that we all have greatness within us. She is driven by the idea that access to information, and a growth mindset can do wonders in helping us extract our greatness. This belief of greatness in all of us, birthed Bia Productions. Aptly named after the mythological Greek goddess Bia, who represents the personification of ‘force’, Kadene’s energy represents the source, the energy behind Bia Productions. This energy is intended to touch the lives of patrons and viewers to inspire a shift in awareness and to spur action to grow. There is much more to Kadene, than her work. Besides her bold & impactful concepts, and keen interest in helping others, Kadene is an avid reader. She is also a student of metaphysics, which helps her to connect with her deeper self. And there is still more to her, she loves music, but is known to be the least coordinated dancer (and being Jamaican, this is unexpected!). Kadene loves dancing though; and insists that one day she will take classes then wow everyone by dancing non-stop. This, however, is not something that her only child, the gem in her life – daughter Kallysa, looks forward to. Kadene is passionate about life and all it has to offer, focusing on family, self and building an impactful company. ​​[/expander_maker]

Kadene Chambers

Kadene Chambers is the Founder and creative force behind Bia Productions. Her illustrious background is a successful fusion of media sales and marketing, event management and psychology. Kadene has over 20 years in the media industry, specifically in advertising, marketing, and content production, and over fifteen years in event management.

Philmore Johnson

Engineering & Technology
Philmore Johnson is a sought-after information technology and engineering expert. His passion (and in all honesty, his genius) for all things IT has led him to excel at finding solutions, even when others have deemed them ‘unsolvable’. Philmore’s systematic deep drive to learn new things, and his in-depth knowledge for the

Ruschelle Graham-Mignott

Projects & Events
Ruschelle Graham-Mignott has decades of success in sales and customer service, in various industries. She has worked and excelled in retail

Juliane Robinson

Juliane Robinson has over fifteen years of excellence in the production industry. She worked for a cable channel as a Producer,

Monique Whitfield

Executive Producer
Monique Whitfield the consummate organizer. Her skills have been honed through years spent as a radio producer.

Aubrey Campbell

Aubrey Campbell has been a Media and Marketing Consultant and events coordinator/manager, having worked in media and communications, across

What We Believe

To Inspire | To Empower | To Support


To help our audience, by offering avenues to support personal growth and self-fulfillment. Bia Productions provides key information and shares insight (in easy to understand ways) on things that impact and contribute to psychological well-being. We provide opportunities for improving health, connectedness, and psychological well-being through various events.


For Bia Productions, through our events and video programs, to be the place people seek out for information on psychological and general well-being, and for the brand’s events to become synonymous with personal growth, self-fulfillment, fun, and positivity.

Our Purpose

To create events and shows that share information and offer activities to help patrons and viewers lead ‘more whole’ lives, contributing to self-fulfillment and purposeful living.

Core Values

Propelling the Pursuit of Purposeful Living