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Bia (veeya) Productions is an event and video production company with a difference. We conceptualize and produce our own events and video programs,all geared to help people live more purposeful and fulfilling lives. The core intent behind every Bia event and video program is to propel each patron and viewer towards living a more whole life.

Our Shows

We conceptualize and produce video shows meant to have a positive and lasting impact on our audience. Our shows focus on the main anchor for our company ‘helping others’. Our flagship show, Beneath the Surface (BTS), and its offshoots Beneath the Surface Gems, and Beneath the Surface Live, embody our goal of providing meaningful and transformational information

We ensure that everyone is covered.Even our pre-teens and teens are included in our thrust to provide information to change lives. Through our upcoming show ‘JumpStart’ we provide information on life skills that will help prepare our youth to thrive in life, to help them reduce the number of missteps they take relating to money, relationship choices, and life choices in general – giving them a ‘JumpStart’. Plus, there is so much more to come from our video production team!

Beneath the Surface (BTS) is Bia Productions’ discussion program that invites viewers to take a look, or a deeper look, at topics and ideas that impact our psychological, social, physical, and spiritual well-being. The program is meant to positively impact inter/intra-personal relationships, therefore contributing to personal and social changes.

It feels like it's been a season of losses all around us, as many of us have experienced losses of one kind or another. We achieved one of the most challenging of tasks - discussing a sad and somber topic and personal experiences of loss & grief, without it becoming draining on the spirit and psyche!

In the wrap-up chat for this month, Kadene and Dr. Aubrey Franklin continue their dive into loss and grief, using Kadene's loss, to share techniques and insight into the coping process. The two explore some unexpected impacts of losing a loved one.

This BTS Live episode (2) continues the Loss & Grief discussion series. Kadene discusses with BTS producer, Monique Whitfield, what it has been like for her as she grieves her mother, lost to a rare form of breast cancer. The two ladies look at how Monique and her family are still adjusting two years after the matriarch of their family transitioned.

Beneath the Surface (EP2 S1): Stress, Covid-19, and Coping with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Aubrey Franklin

Beneath the Surface GEMS (Ep 2 S1 G4): Benefit Finding - psychological coping skill for stress

Beneath the Surface (Ep3 S1): Living a Purposeful Life with Author and Motivational Speaker, Krystal Tomlinson

Beneath the Surface (Ep4 S1): Extracting Our Greatness with Best-selling Author and Executive Leadership, Alvin Day

Beneath the Surface Gems (G2 Ep4 S1):Self-fulfilling Prophesy

Beneath the Surface Gems (G1 Ep4 S1): How Do I Go Up from Here? Moving Through Challenges

Viewers of the BTS series will watch
each program and leave feeling


through life changing


knowing that others experience similar feelings & situations


knowing that others experience similar feelings & situations


act in ways to effect positive, lasting changes in their lives

What We Do

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Events conceptualized and produced by Bia Productions are meant to contribute to, and encourage living fulfilling lives. Our events typically invite patrons to reset – through shared information and activities that are lighthearted & fun, relaxing, and/or educational.