Upcoming Events

Events conceptualized and produced by Bia Productions are meant to contribute to, and encourage living fulfilling lives. Our events typically invite patrons to reset – through shared information and activities that are lighthearted & fun, relaxing, and/or educational.

Our events serve various audiences and include family fairs, themed brunches, social mixers and soon to come, corporate workshops. Each event is designed around the company’s mission – ‘helping patrons live more whole lives’.

Our founder and team are driven by a desire to create opportunities for event attendees to live joyously in the moment ( life can really be too stressful at times! ). We are also driven by the desire to help our patrons to relax, to connect with likeminded people seeking growth, and to help in their achieving a sense of personal fulfilment.

Each Bia Productions event has to have elements that allow patrons to leave feeling a little ‘more whole’ – this is why our events are like no other. Our passion is to have our patrons leave each event looking forward to our next event and feeling like their lives have been improved through their attendance.